Forever Smile Concept

Restore your youthful smile again!

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Our patients deserve the best! When it is time to replace your smile with dental implants, our goal is to provide you with the best implant design available as well as beautiful bridges that can last a life time using a concept we named, “The Forever Smile.” Our oral surgeons work closely alongside your general dental provider ensuring the highest quality prosthesis so you are able to obtain a product that most resembles your natural smile in esthetics, strength and wear.

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Why use Monolithic Zirconia?

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A Zirconia Implant-Retained Bridge is the best treatment when it comes replacing missing teeth. The inherent properties of Zirconia dental bridges eliminate wear and therefore the need for future repair, making it truly a “Forever Smile.” We only use the highest grade of Zirconia and these restorations possess the esthetic qualities of your natural teeth. Zirconia restorations do not develop wear even after years of use, they do not stain and when made properly, they do not fracture!

Zirconium Ceramic is also Biocompatible! Biocompatible materials can co-exist alongside living tissue without being toxic or injurious. Not only is zirconium biocompatible extremely strong which makes it the ideal choice of material for implant supported crowns and bridges.

“See the difference at Arizona Center for Implant, Facial & Oral Surgery!”

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