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New Technologies for Dental Implants

anatomage1Advancing technology has now made it possible for a single implant and crown (provisional crown) to be placed on the same day as well as multiple implants and crowns (provisional bridge) to be placed on the same day of surgery.

Implant dentistry treatment must be tailored to the needs and desires of the patient and typically there are many options available for each patient. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Lines or Dr. Hoaglin will help our office address your needs as we work in conjunction with your restorative dentist to make your treatment a reality. This “Team” approach is the best approach for implant dentistry. Dr. Lines or Dr. Hoaglin approach patient care based on the individual concerns of the patient and then customize the personalized treatment to address those concerns. All recommended treatment is always suited for the best interest of the patient.

The use of 3D CT Scan in conjunction with Nobel Guide (software) has allowed for this tremendous leap in technology with dental implants. Depending on your individual needs, a CT Scan may be required for proper planning of your treatment. The scan is a quick, comfortable, digital record, taken in our office that assists the doctors in providing optimal treatment results.

You have many options with whom you choose to perform your dental treatment and we respect that. It is of the utmost importance to us that you choose an oral surgeon that listens to your desires and concerns and personalizes your care, as well as surround themselves with a highly trained staff that will personally assist you with each step of the process.

Advanced computer software used in conjunction with 3D CT Scans now allow for virtual implant and crown placement (images below) prior to any treatment for accurate, more predictable results.