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Cone Beam Technology

CT image exampleA 3D “Cone Beam” CT Scan may be needed for your treatment to provide the doctor with detailed information about the anatomy of proposed implant procedure. 3D “Cone Beam” CT Scans are the Standard of Care for most implant related procedures and the information they provide is invaluable. Within our office, we have this capability which conveniently allows for viewing the jaw bone structure, height, width and bone density.

Our on-site CBCT machine uses 0.04% of the radiation used for a traditional medical head CT

Traditional x-rays are two-dimensional and in most circumstances, and in some oral procedures, this may be all the information that is needed for proper dental treatment. However, certain bone grafting and implant procedures require the use of additional information that can only be provided through a 3D “cone beam” CT Scan. This technology is also used to determine the location of “extra” teeth or the relation of impacted teeth to vital structures ( nerves, sinus floor, etc). Using the “Cone Beam” CT scan for patients with an impacted canine or an extra tooth in the palate, known as a “mesiodens”, allows our doctors to obtain a precise understanding of the location of the teeth so that treatment can be performed accurately.

3D “Cone Beam” CT Scans also assist in planning dental implant placement as is used in techniques such as “Teeth In a Day” and “All on Four” which required making computer generated implant guides for the most accurate implant placement and the option of immediate bridgework to be placed the same day as dental implant placement.

Concerned About Radiation Exposure? Here are the Facts…


Our on-site CBCT Machine uses 0.04% of the radiation used for a traditional medical head CT

-Gendex CB 500 CBCT 8.9 sec scan: 32.3-40usv


  • Average Daily Background exposure: 8uSv (~3000uSv)/year                
  • Panoramic Scan exposure: 3-8 uSv
  • London-NY plane round trip: 100 uSv
  • Medical Head CT Scan: 1,000 uSv
  • Chest X-ray: 100uSv
  • Full Mouth Dental Xrays: 50-100 uSv

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