What is a Surgical Guide?

Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology. Guided surgery has revolutionized all aspects of surgery, from knee replacements to dental implants. A surgical guide is created by taking impressions of the desired surgical implant site as well as 3-D digital imaging taken in the office. The doctors then take these clinical records of your oral anatomy and create a device using special software. This device is fabricated in a lab to be used at the time of your dental implant placement. Our doctors here at Arizona Center for Implant, Facial & Oral Surgery believe in placing an implant the correct way the first time, allowing you to have your desired lifetime smile. Guided surgery assists our doctors by not only allowing our doctors to perform less surgery but also aids in avoiding misplacement of the implant. The use of guided surgery has increased our doctors’ implant success rate to nearly 100%!

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Surgical Guide illustration

The dangers of not using a guide…

There are several setbacks to not using a surgical guide. Every patient has unique anatomy and care must be taken to ensure implant placement is correct. Failure to use guided surgery can result in placement of the implant in less than desirable areas such as in sinuses, nerves, or incorrect placement in the bone. Below are some images of implants that were destined to fail due to misplacement.