Cone Beam Technology – 3D CT Scan

3D Imaging | Glendale & Peoria AZ

A 3D “Cone Beam” CT Scan may be needed for your treatment to provide the doctor with detailed information about the anatomy of the proposed implant and other procedures. 3D “Cone Beam” CT Scans are the Standard of Care for most implant related procedures and the information they provide is invaluable. Within our office, we have this capability which conveniently allows us to assess you properly.

Our CBCT scan uses minimal radiation exposure due to a limited field.

Traditional x-rays provide limited information for proper diagnosis which is readily available with 3D “Cone Beam” CT Scan technology. However, certain bone grafting and implant procedures require the use of additional information that can only be provided through a 3D “cone beam” CT Scan. This technology is used with 3D software for the most accurate implant placement, as well as, helping to diagnose conditions of the mouth and aid in certain other treatments.

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